About Us

Hello, this is Chrishna and I am the author of the blog that you’re reading right now.

Until an year back, I was leading a sedentary lifestyle because of my work profile (desk job).

I used to sit for hours at a stretch in front of the laptop, which has affected my health in a bad way. I’ve gained a lot of weight (nearly 15 kgs) as a result of this.

I never really got any opportunity to track my activities in those days and that is when the era of fitness bands started.

I first used the Xiaomi Mi Band for an year and later upgraded to the Fitbit Charge HR.

This small change of tracking my daily activities like steps taken, calories burned, hours slept, heart rate fluctuations etc…has actually helped me lead a healthy lifestyle.

Now, I am 10 kg lighter than before and have become more active now, all thanks to these Smart bands.

So, I’ve decided to blog about my experience and also help the others stay fit and healthy.

On this blog, you’ll be seeing the best fitness bands in India that are available at an affordable price. I’ll also be reviewing them in detail and then list them in the top 10 article, if all the criteria is met.

Hope, you’ll also get benefited from these fitness trackers like I did.

If you’re confused on choosing the best band from the list, please don’t hesitate to mail me. I’ll always be happy to serve you.

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