Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Microsoft is the latest company to drop a physical presence at CES as the increased prevalence of COVID-19 deters exhibitors. It joins a growing list of major companies that have exited the largest technology exchange in the world.

“After reviewing the latest data on the rapidly evolving COVID environment, Microsoft has decided not to participate in person at CES 2022,” a company spokesperson said in an emailed statement. (The spokesperson declined to name them, as this is how Microsoft prefers to announce event status changes.) Instead, the company will have a digital presence for both the Microsoft Partner Innovation Experience and the Automotive Press Kit.

Microsoft was a featured exhibitor at the technology conference and is now the last to say it won’t be attending. Lenovo, T-Mobile, Amazon, the company formerly known as Facebook, GM, Intel, Twitter and Google have all pulled out, citing fears of COVID-19. The disease has again rapidly increased in prevalence in the US, as a new variant sweeps through the population.

Yesterday, CES organizers insisted that the event go ahead anyway, with required proof of vaccination, masks and free rapid tests. On Wednesday, the Consumer Technology Association, which hosts the event, said 42 exhibitors have canceled.

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