Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

In Warner Bros.’ upcoming thriller don’t worry baby from director Olivia Wilde, almost everything about the fictional corporate town of Victory seems completely normal from a distance — as do the handful of perfect nuclear families that call the place home. But there’s something ominous about Victory that at least one of his Stepford-esque housewives becomes aware of in don’t worry babythe new trailer.

Like all of Victory’s housewives, Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) adores her husband Jack (Harry Styles) and enjoys almost every aspect of ‘traditional’ suburban domestic femininity, including cooking, cleaning, and always wearing a fully made-up face. to have. Although Alice and the other women don’t know exactly what the men of the town are to do as they work on the Victory Project, they know (because their husbands tell them) that there is nothing to worry about. Though Alice Jack may want to believe, don’t worry baby makes it clear that there’s a part of her that doesn’t, and she certainly has reason not to.

The idea that there’s some sort of invisible enemy to fight against seems to keep many of Victory’s residents—especially the women—devoted to their marriage and the city. But the way don’t worry babyAlice’s new trailer focuses on Alice’s apparent psychological breakdown as she begins to ask questions about Victory, making it more than seem like the danger is much, much closer to home.

don’t worry baby also stars Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, Kiki Layne and Nick Kroll and opens in theaters on September 23.

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