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The Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 offers exceptionally good sound quality. The sound is clear and balanced, even at high volume levels.

Fastrack is a well-known brand in India. It started as a company that supplies affordable yet stylish watches to the young and dynamic people of India. Over the years, it has expanded its product portfolio to include eyewear, bags and even perfume. In addition, Fastrack has also expanded its portfolio to include fitness trackers and audio devices. The latest wearable to enter the competition is the Reflex Tunes F02 wireless headphones.

The Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 Wireless Headphones, priced at INR 7,995, come with an interesting feature set including ANC, 20 hours of battery life, support for Qualcomm Aptx codec and IPX4 dust and waterproof coating just to name a few. . The question now is whether the Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 is only good on paper or whether these features also translate into solid performance on the ground. We will try to answer that question in the course of this review. So stay tuned…

Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 Headphones: Design

In the age of TWS earbuds, the Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 looks like a big and clunky gadget that can easily be avoided. With a thick headband and large ear cups, it resembles a device from yesteryear, when wearing over-the-ear headphones was fashionable. However, it is the large and clunky design that makes all the difference and makes listening to music enjoyable.

The Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 has a plastic body. It has an adjustable headband with a thick cover with a leatherette finish. This headband is connected to ear cups with thick padding at both ends. The ear cups cover all your ears and the padding creates a seal between the ears and the headphones and provides passive noise cancellation even when the headphones are turned off.

Other than that, these ear cups, or at least the right ones, have all the controls you need to control various aspects of these headphones. It has a power button placed between the volume keys. At the bottom right is a toggle switch to enable or disable the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature. These buttons are followed by a 3.5mm jack for connecting the AUX cable and a USB Type-C port for charging.

All in all, Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 may not be the most premium looking pair of headphones, especially when compared to those from Sony and SkullCandy, but they are certainly one of the most comfortable.

Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 Wireless Headphones

Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 Wireless Headphones (Shweta Ganjoo/HT Tech)

Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 Headphones: Performance

In terms of performance, the Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 headphones offer crystal clear sound that is a pleasure to the ear. No matter what genre of music you choose, it will give you clear audio that is refreshingly balanced to listen to. Songs like Last Christmas by Wham!, All of Me by John Legend and I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston sound divine. The mids are perfectly balanced and you can hear each note separately. In songs like Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years, you can distinguish between every note on a piano and every guitar strum. And in Songs like Titanium by David Guetta, it manages to produce the right amount of bass while maintaining clarity even at high volume levels, which is amazing.

The Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 is all about clarity, even when you’re on a call. One area where it falls short is ANC performance. The Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02, as I mentioned earlier, offers passive noise cancellation when the ANC function is turned off. This doesn’t change much when the feature is enabled. Ideally, ANC should filter out almost all noise when you’re outside. While it filters out most of it, I feel like there’s room for more. Inside I could easily hear the sound of my air purifier and even the annoying doorbell. Although it got softer, it wasn’t enough to completely block out the sound. Outside I could hear almost everything, even from afar.

On the battery front, the Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 offers about 11 hours of run time with ANC turned on and took about three hours to fully charge.

Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 Headphones: Conclusion

Now the main question of this discussion: should you buy Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 or not?

In one word: Yes. The Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02 offers exceptionally good sound quality. The sound is clear and balanced, even at high volume levels. The mids are crisp and it almost hits the mark when it comes to producing thumping bass sounds. It also maintains this clarity during conversations. Adding to the overall allure is that it offers decent battery life and comes with a dust and waterproof coating. Sure, the ANC function isn’t up to the job, but the sound quality almost makes up for it.

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Fastrack Reflex Tunes F02

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