Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Fuzey, a London-based company that provides a ‘digital one-stop shop’ for small businesses and independent contractors, has raised $4.5 million in seed funding.

The round was led by founders with participation from Flash Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Ascension and a group of angel investors including Stephane Kurgan, the venture partner of Index Ventures and founder and CEO Sheel Tyle of Amplo VC.

The latest round gives the company $5.2 million in total funding since the company was founded in 2020 by Henrik Lysgaard Jensen and Alex Boyce. As part of the investment, Founders investor Sara Rywe and Flash Ventures partner Lorenzo Franzi have joined the company’s board of directors.

CEO Lysgaard Jensen and COO Boyce met about two years ago and bonded to help small businesses digitize. Targeting small business owners such as plumbers, electricians and mechanics, Lysgaard Jensen believes that local businesses are “the backbone of any community,” but many of the tools developed for business management are either out of reach for these types of businesses, nor designed with them in mind.

Other startups also draw attention to these types of companies. In November, Puls Technologies raised $15 million for its mobile app that connects merchants to on-demand home repair services. There are also larger companies in the space, such as Jobber, who announced $60 million in funding at the start of the year.

This area is also particularly personal to Boyce, who explained that his mother is a small business owner who ran much of her business with a leather-bound notebook, always afraid it would get lost.

“These are topics we’re working on,” he told BestFitnessBands. “We thought about how to become agents of change during the pandemic, which was a wake-up call as we saw changing consumer demand, people wanting to become more technology oriented and interact with local merchants in different ways.”

As such, the company’s small business tools digitize what was traditionally done manually and on paper, such as invoices. It brings communications, payments, marketing and calendars together in one dashboard to manage their businesses and strengthen their online profiles.

Users can interact with their customers in a variety of ways from messaging to social media, while also generating invoices for instant payment and lead generation insights. Fuzey also offers one-click document templates and customer reviews to ease the process of leaving a review.

“Response time is important and we even have response templates with predefined questions or comments so you can quickly contact customers,” says Lysgaard Jensen. “We strongly believe in the 20, 30, 40-fold impact of this.”

The company, which went live with its product in June, will use the new funding for product development and geographic expansion. It already operates in select markets in Europe, the US and Canada. Fuzey currently has 10 employees and is seeing double-digit growth in both customers and revenue month over month.

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