Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

The used car market is red hot and it looks like General Motors is looking to compete squarely with used car sites like Carvana with a new website called CarBravo. GM is now beginning to enroll dealers to be part of the site, which will launch in “Spring 2022,” according to a press release.

Not only will CarBravo let buyers look at inventory from both dealers and GM’s central inventory of used vehicles, but it will also let people shop for non-GM used vehicles, said Steve Carlisle, GM’s EVP and president of GM North America, in a statement. a statement . That could help it better address Carvana (which just announced it has sold a million cars) and other sites, like CarMax and Vroom, where people can shop from many different car brands.

The rise of direct-to-consumer brands like Tesla and Lucid has undermined the more traditional dealer/franchise system, so CarBravo could be a way for GM to dip its toes into that direct-to-consumer strategy. But the company has failed at betting like its Maven car-sharing service, and we’ll have to wait and see if CarBravo can break through against some of the more well-known online used car destinations.

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