Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

As time passes before shipping deadlines put an end to your online shopping for the holiday season, Google is highlighting a few new Chrome features that can help. Still, it’s not escaped our notice that these features used to keep track of things to help you shop are also helpful to the nearly $2 trillion company that makes most of its money by running relevant ads and making it happen. getting shoppers to press the “buy” button.

But you’ll probably be using Chrome anyway, so you should know that a new feature in the mobile browser on Android shows updated prices for items in your open tab grid so you know if the prices suddenly drop. Google says iOS Chrome browsers will get the feature “in the coming weeks.”

Google Chrome Price Tracker on Android

Google Chrome Price Tracker on Android
Image: Google

Another useful tool for Android browsers is the ability to search the web for something you’re already looking at in real life with Google Lens in Chrome. The Lens icon appears in the toolbar and you can use the camera to identify something on a shelf or in a window and start searching without typing. This is coming to desktop browsers soon too, where you can right click (unless it’s an NFT and you’re trying not to be rude), then select “Search images with Google Lens” and use the mouse cursor to draw over whatever is there draw your attention to the photo.

The other new element is available to Windows and Mac desktop Chrome users in the US, where it monitors shopping carts that you haven’t checked out yet. If you open a new tab page, there’s a “Your Carts” card with sites you’ve added items to, and Google says there may be a discount at some stores when you come back.

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