LG Patents Smartwatch with Camera in its Strap

According to Dutch website letsgodigital.org, LG has applied for a patent for a new smartwatch with camera placed on its strap.

The prototype also shows how it could be built along with an illustration of various applications.

Of course, the concept isn’t exactly new because Intex iRist has already launched a similar model in 2015 under the lowest budget.

The main thing here is that no one from the large players (top brands) have utilized this feature in any of their wearables.

Unlike what we’ve seen in case of iRist, LG is trying to rectify the awkward problem of taking pictures using the camera built into the strap.

LG Smartwatch with Camera on Strap Patent

As per the patent, LG is currently thinking of multiple opportunities to place the camera and one among it is the rotating camera, which gives more freedom to the user.

Another illustration that LG displayed in the patent is where you can read the calorie count of a dish by taking its picture.

You can also scan barcodes and QR codes using the smartwatch.

As of now, LG has just applied for the patent but that doesn’t mean it will become reality. Like many other patents, this LG smartwatch with camera in the strap might or might not see the light.

Anyways, we’ll keep you posted if that becomes true.

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