Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Oppo Watch isn’t just another Apple Watch clone, and we’ll tell you why in our detailed review.

Brand: opposite
Product name: oppo watch
Key specs: AMOLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100, VOOC flash charging, Wear OS, NFC.
Price: 14,990 (base model)
Rating: 4/5

We’ve seen quite a few Apple Watch clones on the market, but the Oppo Watch seems to be the most successful one so far. Oppo’s first smartwatch looks exactly like the Apple Watch, but if you can get over the threshold, you’ll find that it actually looks really good. The Oppo Watch also comes with Wear OS and not ColorOS as it launched in China. Oppo has also upgraded the hardware on this variant with a Snapdragon Wear 3100.

There was a lot to like about the Oppo Watch, and at least it’s by far the best Android smartwatch I’ve used. To learn more about this wearable, find our detailed review here.

The Oppo Watch is available in two size variants of 46mm and 41mm. The review unit I received was the 46mm unit. This one looks particularly large on my wrist, and if you’re someone with a small wrist then I’d recommend the 41mm variant. The display is great and quite attractive. The colors look really bright and the touch interface is also very intuitive. There are two side buttons, one of which acts as the back button and the other as the power button.

Oppo watch.

Oppo watch. (HT technology)

This is the first Wear OS smartwatch I’ve used and the experience so far has been great. With Google Play Store you get access to a range of apps, something that other smartwatches lack. The Oppo Watch does not have a mobile model and only supports WiFi. You can still make calls on the smartwatch as it has a built-in speaker. However, the speaker volume is not that loud, even at the highest volume. It also has built-in GPS and NFC.

The large screen is advantageous when it comes to answering texts on the Oppo Watch. It takes some time to get some answers, but if you have the patience, you won’t mind. And there’s also the smart reply feature for those quick suggestions which is really handy. There are the usual features like heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring and different training modes. You can also sync your workouts with the Google Fit app.

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I had no issues with the overall performance of the Oppo Watch. It works best with an Oppo smartphone as expected. Although I used it with another Android phone, there were a few times when the smartwatch disconnected. The Oppo Watch also doesn’t last for 36 hours, as the company claimed. In normal mode with notifications enabled everywhere, the Oppo Watch lasted a day and a half. It does have fast charging though, so you’ll get the smartwatch back to 100% in under an hour.


The Oppo Watch fills a big gap when it comes to Android smartwatches, and that’s software. It doesn’t compromise on hardware either, along with a top-notch display. The battery life could have been a bit longer. The Apple Watch remains the most popular smartwatch, but for an Android alternative, the Oppo Watch is an absolute buy.

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