Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Samsung is expanding its range of smart monitors with the 4K 32-inch M8. Like the models currently on sale, this new smart TV-like functionality can include access to streaming apps, in addition to being able to connect to a computer like normal monitors. The company hasn’t revealed a release date or price, but the initial details we’ve learned prove that Samsung is taking the M8 a few steps further to make it even more useful for a variety of people.

This smart monitor is 11.4 mm thick, which, according to Samsung, is significantly thinner than previous models. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the magnetic and movable SlimFit camera that attaches to the monitor for video calls. The monitor itself supports video chat apps like Google Duo. With the other smart monitors from Samsung, you need to bring your own webcam.

Samsung smart monitor M8


Samsung also integrates a SmartThings IoT Hub into the M8, so you can see a map of your various smart devices and control them directly from the smart monitor. Samsung says the M8 also has a new feature called Workspace, which gathers work-related web services, such as Microsoft 365, into an intuitive hub.

Another new feature is Game Home, which turns the M8 into a cloud game streaming monitor. Samsung says owners can use the M8 to stream games from game streaming services and even connect wireless controllers to it. However, it stopped naming any services or controllers it will support. The company told The edge that more information about this feature will be shared closer to launch later in 2022.

Samsung hasn’t shared all the ports the M8 will have, though it did mention that it has a USB-C port that can support 65W charging throughput. Nor has it mentioned price or availability.

The company also announced a 32-inch Odyssey Neo G8 curved gaming monitor ahead of CES 2022. It has 4K resolution and a 240Hz refresh rate, which Samsung says is the first to achieve this on a 1000R curved monitor.

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