Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Sony will launch a new PlayStation Stars loyalty program later this year, including “digital collectibles” rewards. PlayStation Stars will be a free service that will allow PlayStation players to earn loyalty points and rewards by completing activities. Points can be redeemed for benefits, including a PSN wallet fund to spend on a game purchase.

“Points can be redeemed against a catalog that may include PSN wallet and select PlayStation Store products,” explains Grace Chen, Sony’s vice president of PlayStation Network Advertising, loyalty and licensed merchandise. “As an added benefit, PlayStation Plus members who are subscribed to PlayStation Stars will automatically earn points for purchases on PlayStation Store.”

Sony also bundles “digital collectibles” as part of PlayStation Stars. That may immediately sound like NFTs, but it isn’t. While the company does not mention the blockchain or NFTs in its blog post, in an interview with The Washington Postthe company makes it clear “it does not use blockchain technologies and certainly no NFTs.”

Instead, these collectibles will be digital representations of figurines and iconic characters from PlayStation games and maybe even some digital versions of historic Sony devices.

There will be regular new collectibles to be earned, including “Ultra Rare”. Sony describes these collectibles as rewards, so it doesn’t sound like they’re on sale right now. PlayStation players can earn key loyalty points through challenges such as a monthly where players must play each game to get a reward. Sony does not specify how collectibles are rewarded.

The PlayStation Stars loyalty points system is a lot like Microsoft’s own Xbox player rewards program or Nintendo’s Gold Points. Microsoft Rewards includes missions, activities, and monthly surveys that reward points. There are also reward points available for using Bing and Microsoft’s Edge browser. Nintendo’s Gold Points can be earned when players purchase a new game and are used for digital purchases on Nintendo Switch.

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