Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

On the Sunday Night Football stage, Dec. 19, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers were swept against the Saints for the second straight regular season — a frustrating defeat that left Brady a bad Microsoft Surface tablet on the sidelines.

According to Brady on his Let’s Go podcast that aired Monday, the NFL is not allowing the Surface abuse to continue. Should the seven-time Super Bowl champion throw the tablet away again, he will be fined. “I was warned about that by the NFL, so… I won’t throw another Surface.” said Brady.

The podcast’s co-host, Jim Gray, joked that the whole incident was just good marketing for Microsoft’s tablet — which NFL teams have used since 2014 and won a deal last year to let all 32 NFL teams use them. use. Gray asked Brady to clarify exactly what the NFL’s warning was; to which Brady responds eloquently: “I can’t throw another Surface or I’ll be fined. Imagine that.”

Brady also joked on last week’s episode of the Let’s Go podcast, “I didn’t want to throw an intercept with that tablet, so I made sure it hit the ground,” he said. Brady continued to jokingly describe the Surface’s demise: “It was out of order, there was no chance it would be used after I got my hands on that tablet.”

“I’m having a great time playing,” the now 15-time professional bowler said despite the incident. “I know it didn’t look like this when I broke that tablet in half.”

It’s not the first time Brady has thrown away a Surface in frustration; he also pitched the tablet against the Chicago Bears last season – the game where it seemed he forgot what was going on (he later admitted it on TikTok) and the Bucs ended up losing by one point.

Let’s not blame Brady entirely for throwing the tablet away, though — after all, it was probably a cherished behavior that grew out of his New England legacy.

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