Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Have you ever lost your mouse cursor? It’s not hard to do if you’re sitting in front of multiple monitors or maybe a super ultrawide or maybe even a monstrous TV – but Microsoft has a great keyboard shortcut that can instantly bring your cursor up, and I recently discovered it purely by accident.

I was tapping my keyboard when my screens suddenly dimmed—except for a small slice of light. It turned out that I accidentally pressed Ctrl twice, which activates the Find My Mouse feature in Microsoft’s excellent optional PowerToys.

This is what it looks like up close:

The screen dims except for a small slice of light around the cursor, which I can move with my mouse.

Find my mouse in action.
GIF by Sean Hollister / Best Fitness Bands

And here’s a rough idea of ​​what it looks like with my triple monitor rig:

Sorry for the lower quality; I should have turned off HDR video on my phone.
GIF by Sean Hollister / Best Fitness Bands

For something so simple it’s incredibly effective – the spotlight instantly draws my attention to where my cursor is, the dimming effect makes it perfectly clear where it is is not. As someone who wildly waved my mouse cursor back and forth to find it on three screens, I find it comes in handy almost every day.

My only question is, why isn’t this built into Windows 11? For now, you should download and install PowerToys from GitHub if you want to. I am a big fan; I’ve been using the highly customizable FancyZones window manager for over a year now to snap windows into perfect positions on my screens.

The Find My Mouse feature does not require any additional settings, as I discovered myself by accident. As long as PowerToys is running at startup, double tapping Ctrl should do the trick. However, Microsoft’s support page shows a few ways to customize it.

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